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Miller Johnson Limited, in its various iterations, has been practicing on Auckland’s North Shore for over 60 years.

In 1948, Dick Morse began his accounting practice as a sole trader.  His clients were mainly rural, like the Shore itself at that time.  In 1959, the Auckland Harbour Bridge opened, connecting Takapuna to the city and spurring a construction boom on the North Shore.  Dick’s business grew, and in 1973 he brought Peter Oborn into the practice.

After Dick’s untimely death just a few months later, Peter continued as a sole trader, and in 1978 Barbara Johnson joined the firm.

In 1994, Peter Oborn and Barbara Johnson went into partnership together, and the firm changed its name to Oborn & Johnson.  In 2000, the partnership was incorporated as a company – Oborn & Johnson Limited – with Peter and Barbara as the directors.  In mid-2012, Peter sold his shares to Barbara and semi-retired, continuing to work as a consultant when needed.

In 2014, twenty years to the day of becoming a partner, and adapting to the current and future changes in the accounting industry, Barbara rebranded the company to Miller Johnson Limited.

The company is now a clever blend of the old and the new: we have accountants with years of experience and knowledge to offer our clients, along with time-tested values of accuracy and efficiency; and we are agile and forward-thinking in realising that the accountant of the future is no longer a bean counter, but a business adviser and essential part of your team.