Well, here we are again in Level 3!  With the benefit of hindsight, we can almost go into this a bit easier than last time but we do have to be mindful that this may not be the last round and we could find ourselves in this situation again in the future.  It’s time to think about what your business should do differently this time.

Keep your planning fluid though, don’t set things in concrete as our real world circumstances are not fixed or defined at the moment.

Prioritising your cash flow right now is very important as the Government subsidies will run out – we are in a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep your mental energy in check, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there at the moment and we will never be able to really know which set of facts are correct.


Funding for your business:
Funding is available from the Regional Business Partners Network (RBP) to businesses that need help with business continuity and financial planning and advice.  We are a service provider with RBP and if you register your business with them and then request our services with one of their Growth Advisors, you may be eligible for Government funding.  We can help with business continuity and cashflow and finance planning.  See the website below or give Angela a call in our office, or email angela@millerjohnson.co.nz .



COVID-19 Tracer App QR Code:
It is now mandatory for all business to have their QR code displayed.  It means that users can scan the code to keep track of where they have been for contact tracing purposes.
Check out the below website to set up your QR code as the Prime Minister has given us one week from the 12th August to do so.



Tax letters going out today:
Today we are sending tax letters to clients who have tax to pay on 28 August, based on previous returns filed. If you have any concerns about your tax, please let us know. If cashflow and business planning are of concern, refer to the funding paragraph above, as you may be able to cover our fees with a claim on the funding available.

We hope you stay safe.

The team at Miller Johnson Chartered Accountants