Switching to Miller Johnson

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We know changing accountants is a big decision. We take pride in being friendly, professional and efficient, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Clients have changed to us from other accountants for a number of reasons, but two main issues keep coming up. Some clients felt their previous accountant “talked down” to them or didn’t explain what was happening, and the other complaint was that they were not given the information they required to manage their affairs.

In other cases, some felt they were paying too much tax (and they were often right!), or the previous accountant’s lack of experience meant opportunities for legal deductions were lost. And others felt they just weren’t important to their previous accountant – either it took too long for their returns to be filed, or their phone calls or emails just weren’t being returned.

Becoming a client of Miller Johnson is easy. You don’t even need to talk with your old accountant if you don’t want to. Here is how it usually works:

  • You have a free, no obligation, one-hour meeting with Miller Johnson.
  • If you would like to switch to us as your accountants, we ask you to sign a Letter of Engagement (which is required by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Inland Revenue Department).
  • You may want to advise your old accountant yourself, but if you don’t, we can do that for you. Your old accountant is obligated to pass on and provide records such as your financial statements, tax returns, loans and agreements, company or trust files, and any personal records they may hold. Those can be sent straight to us.
  • We’ve been successful chartered accountants for over 40 years. Our knowledge and experience helps us quickly get up to speed with your records, and to partner with you in what you’re trying to achieve. We also proactively make suggestions on your accounting, taxation, and (if you have a business) provide sound general business advice.

Have further questions about switching to Miller Johnson?  Send us a message and one of our friendly team will be in touch!