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IRD auditing a medium-sized food business

The IRD initially just requested to review one year’s records. Based on a mistaken assumption on their part, this quickly progressed to a full-blown audit of three years of accounts.

The IRD insisted the business had undeclared income of many tens of thousands per year over four years, even though this was not true. They performed a severe and complete audit, going through every bank account, including all the personal accounts of the owners. They also conducted interviews with the clients and us, and made frequent requests for all sorts of information.

Fortunately, the client advised and engaged us from the very beginning and we were able to manage the whole process for them, as well as running interference with most of the IRD involvement. Our experience with audits and Inland Revenue was vital (i.e. knowing what to say and what not to say to the IRD, and knowledge of tax law and accounting), and in the end, the IRD walked away with nothing.

Client refinancing

A few months ago, one of our clients went to the bank for refinancing, and the bank wouldn’t extend their lending. The company returns a good profit, so the refusal came as a shock. The bank’s refusal was based on the fact that the clients’ personal drawings were too high.

Although Miller Johnson had advised the client previously regarding their finances, this was the wake-up call that made them get serious about their money. With Miller Johnson’s help, they analysed their spending, redesigned their finances, created a budget, and improved their reserves. A successful refinance application was made through another lender with the help of a mortgage broker we recommended.

This kind of commitment – to stick to your spending plan and goals – has to come from you. If you’re not sincere and committed, all the advice in the world can’t help. But if you want to make a change, the coaching and support from Miller Johnson can be a life-saver.