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Business owners are often faced with difficult decisions – to grow or not to grow, to stay the same or take a different route, to rely on what has worked over the years or to take a risk on a new approach. It is common, after a few years, to find ourselves at a crossroads and to be unclear about which direction to take.

Changing customer demands and needs, increased competition, technology, investment, succession planning, and, of course, the economic situation, all present challenges.

We understand the financial ins and outs of businesses and have years of business experience that will help guide you on the path of financial success.

You deserve to have someone on your side whose proactivity, reputation and care can be counted on no matter the circumstances. Our Auckland based team of chartered accountants and business professionals provide impeccable accountancy services to small and existing businesses. Our emphasis on reliability and scrutiny means your business will be presented with the most useful business & taxation advice.

We can assist with:

Business Advisory: Our team of business advisory specialists will work closely with your management team, gaining a thorough understanding of both your business and industry. Our chartered accountants will be tasked with the goal of improving information so that decision makers in your existing business are better able to make more informed, useful and profitable decisions.

Taxation Services: Our New Zealand-based chartered accountants team are able to help your business with a variety of tax services. In addition to tax returns, our team have countless years of experience in relation to matters such as capital gains tax, company shares, employee superannuation as well as termination or redundancy payments. We will strive to maximise your tax position through our appropriate and legal taxation expertise.

GST: Our expert team has a strong grasp, with many years of experience working with GST standards and practices in New Zealand.

Accounting Services: We also assist with setting up accounting software and systems for existing businesses. Our team has worked with hundreds of different businesses from different industries so can provide advice on the which accounting software will be best suited to your existing business.

Companies Office: Our team is not limited to small or existing businesses, and has worked with countless companies. Our chartered accountants offer a broad range of services including company incorporation, shareholder management, company closure and more.

Accounting Software and Procedures: Miller Johnson can provide assistance in choosing the best software packages for your business. With so many different packages on the market, choosing one which will successfully allow business managers to control their records can be tricky to choose.

ACC Administration: We know how much of a pain dealing and managing employee accident cover can be. That’s why we even offer advice on your best and smartest options when dealing with New Zealand’s universal accidental insurance cover, the ACC.

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  • Do you have an accurate, up-to-date and complete view of your financial position?
  • Do you have sustainable medium- to long-term revenue streams, or are you suffering peaks and troughs?
  • Is it better to expand or to contract out new work?
  • If you have the ability for increased sales, do you watch cash flow and understand the implications of increasing business?
  • Are you working on your business or in your business?
  • Are you paying attention to customer retention, referrals and loyalty programmes, or are you only concentrating on new customers? Or vice versa?
  • Are you doing market research or are you going with your gut?
  • Are you making emotional decisions?
  • Are you celebrating wins – even if they’re small?
  • Do you have a stress management plan and are you taking time to recharge?