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Choosing a good, reputable accountant today can seem tough, especially finding one to suit your business. For small businesses, your accountant should not only be a great number-cruncher, but a trusted business advisor. They should be able to provide specific strategic tax advice to your small business. At Miller Johnson we not only aim to achieve this, but guarantee all effort is made to truly understand your business, it’s product or services and to evaluate and offer viable accounting solutions.

Our accountants will help you understand the financial standing and position of your small business. We take a proactive service approach and are here for you all year round to help shape your strategic direction and finances. We know all the financial pitfalls and challenges, through years of experience, that come with running a small business. Small business owners may be exceptionally knowledgeable in their field, but have little idea of sound, legal and manageable accounting practices. Research also shows that managers or owners who try to manage their business’s finances without an accountant, suffers in the way of strategic direction and business success. If your business continues to scale and grow, you want to ensure your accountancy ground work is solid to begin with.

As business taxation and accountancy laws and rules continue to change, breaking these laws, even indadvertedly, can become easier to do. Violating these tax laws can produce extremely unwanted, and at times disastrous consequences for your small business or company. Our professional team of Auckland accountants will work with you to ensure this doesn’t happen, providing accountable services at an affordable, competitive cost.

Another important thing for us is that we never charge clients to do work they are willing and able to do themselves. While some clients want us to “do” everything, many want to minimise their accounting costs and maximise their internal capabilities – which suits us fine! We are more than happy to assist them to work in the way that is best for them and their business, while having the support of our team.

Taxation and Business Advisory Services We Can Help With:

• Advice on best practice for the structure of your business

• All taxes – GST, income tax, FBT and probably some you have never heard of – both the calculations and good advice

• Preparation of financial accounts

• Assist you to understand the numbers

• Advise on systems for you and your team to use

• Prepare forecasts

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  • Do you have an accurate, up-to-date and complete view of your financial position?
  • Have you considered the best business structure for your business going forward?
  • Is it better to expand and hire or to contract out new work?
  • Are you working on your business or in your business?
  • Have you planned out how your small business will acquire new customers, while still paying attention to existing customer retention?