Business Questionnaire – GST Clients 2023

    Miller Johnson Chartered Accountants

    2023 Questionnaire for completion of business financial accounts and income tax return

    Clients for whom we prepare GST returns

    This questionnaire is designed to be completed one of two ways:

    • Print, complete by hand, sign and return to us with your records

    • Complete and submit online (Email supporting documents to

    This questionnaire has been designed to be as simple as we can make it, given current tax laws and taxpayer and agent obligations.

    It is important that you answer every question as indicated. Where your response indicates that a separate set of questions, or more information is required, contact your usual accountant at our office.

    All questions are for the years 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023

    1. First, it is important that you let us know (if you haven’t already) if your business been impacted by weather events during the last year. Inland Revenue are making some concessions for taxpayers who have been negatively affected by flooding.

    2. Accounts Payable (Creditors) – where you do not use Xero to capture these transactions

      We require a list of all business accounts payable as at the end of March, for goods and services supplied before 31 March.

      • Include March PAYE and payroll tax (payable 20 April), but you do not need to include other Inland Revenue payments in this list.

      • Clearly mark items owed to suppliers who are NOT GST-registered

      • Include any holiday pay paid (or to be paid) out within 63 days of balance date (i.e. 2nd June 2023)

    3. Accounts Receivable (Debtors) – where you do not use Xero to capture these transactions

      • For this we do not need a list, but just a total, of all business accounts payable as at the end of March, for all invoices the business has rendered to customers, and which were unpaid at 31 March.

      • Also, supply a list of bad debts written off before 31 March 2023.

    4. Bank Accounts – we require the following:

      • Please supply a bank statement or screenshot of all business bank accounts as at 31 March 2023

    5. Stock and Work in Progress

      • No - no futher action required

      • Yes - supply a stocktake figure as at 31 March - at cost, and not including GST $

      If the business carries any obsolete or slow-moving stock, contact us to discuss

      (This means work which carries over the end of March, but you have already incurred costs and possibly charged progress payments)

      If yes, contact our office to discuss

    6. Employment – for shareholders and other employers, we need you to send us:

      • Wages records for the year OR end of year statements from your payroll system.

      • All ACC invoices OR advise your ACC account number (if we haven’t done ACC work for you in the past) ACC Number:

      • If the nature of your business has changed this year (or is going to), let us know so that we can assist with any ACC changes

    7. Cash or unbanked funds

      • If your business takes cash, and you have not advised us of it, please do so now:

        • Amount taken per week/month/year

        • Any other unbanked or undeclared income

    8. Financing

      If any new loans of any kind have been taken out during the year, supply details. This will include bank loans, including mortgages, asset finance, and personal finance loans.

      Also, if you are considering taking out any finance in the next 12 months, we strongly recommend you let us know. We may be able to assist you to identify where interest costs on loans can be tax-deductible, and also assist with asset and business protection.

      For new loans, list amount, lender, date and also supply the loan documentation.

      Likewise, if you have repaid a loan (for which – well done) supply us with the relevant documentation.

      If you personally, or any family members or close associates, have put significant amounts of money in to the business this last year, also supply details, both of the amount(s) and of the terms, such as interest charged, repayment terms, security.

    9. Home office – if any person working in the business is required to work from home, and has a home office set up, you are entitled to claim a portion of the home expenses. Either complete the separate questionnaire OR circle/highlight this statement:

      (Note we must obtain new figures every 3 years, and if any costs have substantially changed, you may not use this option)

    10. Motor Vehicle

    11. And miscellaneous:

    12. Catch-all

      Is there anything else you wish us to know, or want to say to us? Email or give us a call


    Finally, we need you to make some declarations. These declarations should be made by the contact person named on the front page, or the name of the declarer clearly indicated below. As noted above, if you are completing this form electronically, ticking the box below where indicated has the same effect as signing the form. If you are unable to state any of the five declarations i.e. they are NOT true or correct, strike a line through that declaration. We will be in touch.

    1. Payments to Inland Revenue

      If your business is behind with payment of ANY taxes (income, PAYE, GST or other), indicate BELOW

      I declare that (circle or highlight as appropriate)

      • OR

      • The business has arrears in . and there an arrangement in place to cover this matter.

    Tick the box to allow authorisation to use this information