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Let Miller Johnson help you get started on the right track!

Starting out on your own or branching out is a big move and a very exciting time in your life! There is a lot to consider, and it can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming to start a new venture.

When starting a new business, mistakes can be made that can undermine or destroy your new business, so it’s important to learn from other people’s errors and to surround yourself with people who can provide expertise and guidance in needed areas.

Miller Johnson provides more than just tax preparation and annual financial statements. We’re there for you throughout your business lifecycle – a right-hand advisor for all things related to the growth of your business.

Growing your business and wealth is the goal, but having to know it all is not!

We can assist with:

Business Advisory: Our team of business advisory specialists will work closely with yourself or management team, gaining a thorough understanding of both your business and potential industries. Our chartered accountants will be tasked with performing due diligence on any potential business purchases as well as providing advice on the suggested structure for your new business.

Companies: Our team is not limited to small or existing businesses, and has worked with countless companies. Knowing when to form a company can be tricky and our chartered accountants offer a broad range of services including company incorporation, as well as setting up and maintaining statutory registers.

Budgeting & Forecasting: Budgeting and forecasting is a necessary, vital step when starting a new business. Our team knows that to succeed you must have a plan in place, that both clearly identifies and defines your objectives for the business, both in the short-term and long-term.

Forming and administering trusts: Forming a trust can be an important yet complicated process when starting a new business. Knowing when and how to set up trust requires quality and precise legal advice. Our team can provide this expertise, with a broad range of knowledge of trust services including acting as a trustee, gifting and financial reports.

Taxation: Sorting out tax at the beginning of your exciting new venture can sometimes diminish or disincentivize your initiative and efforts. Let us take care of the taxation side of things, leaving you to fully commit yourself to the creative direction of the new business or company.

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  • Are you absolutely clear about what you’re selling?
  • Do you understand your target market and customers?
  • Do you have “Team Me” in place, i.e. your accountant, business advisor, solicitor, etc?
  • Do you understand the true cost of your goods (including materials, labour, freight, etc)?
  • Very few businesses make money in the first 1-2 years and income can be erratic. Have you a realistic business plan that includes money to start the business, sustain it for two years, and have money to live on meanwhile?
  • Do you have a business plan with short- and long-term objectives, strategies and action plans?
  • Do you have contingency plans?
  • Are you sitting waiting for the phone to ring, or are you out networking and marketing?