Individual Questionnaire 2023

    Miller Johnson Chartered Accountants

    2023 Questionnaire for completion of individual income tax return

    (one questionnaire to be completed for each person’s return, and only for income received in your own name or jointly with another person)

    This questionnaire is designed to be completed one of two ways:

    • Print, complete by hand, sign and return to us with your records

    • Complete and submit online (Email supporting documents to

    This questionnaire has been designed to be as simple as we can make it, given current tax laws and taxpayer and agent obligations.

    It is important that you answer every question as indicated. Where your response indicates that a separate set of questions or more information is required, contact your usual accountant at our office.

    All questions are for the year 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023

    Did you have any income from which PAYE is deducted? (This includes: wages, withholding payments, NZ superannuation, benefits)
    If so, you do not need to take any further action. We will be able to access this information from IRD.

    Withholding payments

    • If yes, supply copies of all commission slips.

    • If you incur expenses related to this income, also complete our business questionnaire.

    Investment income

    It is important you answer ALL questions in this section, regardless of whether you receive income or not.

    For all “Yes” answers, please supply supporting documentation (e.g. bank interest certificate, company dividend statements.) If we do not receive this information in full, this will delay and possibly increase the cost of preparation of your return.

    Also include any income which you receive jointly with another person, and clearly mark this as joint income.


    Do you receive any income from any of these sources?

    If any of the above apply, we will contact you.


    Offshore assets

    Please forward us a copy of the Monthly Pension Statements, or your bank statements.

    Charitable or school donations

    Do you make any charitable donations?

    Miscellaneous (we will contact you for more information as required)

    Is there anything else you wish us to know, or want to say to us? Email or give us a call.


    Finally, we need you to make some declarations. These declarations should be made by the individual named on the front page, or the name of the declarer clearly indicated below. If you are unable to state any of the three declarations i.e. they are NOT true or correct, do not select that declaration. We will be in touch.

    With respect to the year ended 31 March 2023:

    Tick the box to allow authorisation to use this information