Trust Questionnaire 2023

    Miller Johnson Chartered Accountants

    2023 Questionnaire for completion of trust financial accounts and income tax return

    This questionnaire is designed to be completed one of two ways:

    • Print, complete by hand, sign and return to us with your records

    • Complete and submit online (Email supporting documents to

    This questionnaire has been designed to be as simple as we can make it, given current tax laws and taxpayer and agent obligations.

    It is important that you answer every question as indicated. Where your response indicates that a separate set of questions or more information is required, contact your usual accountant at our office.

    All questions are for the year 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

    First, if your trust owns only your family home, and holds no other assets, and has no bank account, mark yes here, and then go to the last page of this questionnaire, complete the declarations, sign and return to us. NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED

    Otherwise, please continue.....

    For ALL of these options, we need you to answer these questions:

    Bank Accounts – we require the following:

    • For all trust bank accounts recorded in your Xero, MYOB or other accounting system, a statement or bank printout which shows the balance of the account as at 31 March.

    • For all trust bank accounts NOT recorded in a financial software system, bank statements for the entire year 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023 (unless our office prepares your GST returns)

    • Remember to include trust credit cards in your accounts

    Trustee Resolutions

    Supply a copy of all trust resolutions and deeds during the year.

    Investment income

    Please answer ALL questions in this section, regardless of whether you receive income or not.
    For all “Yes” answers, please supply supporting documentation (e.g. bank interest certificate, company dividend statements.) If we do not receive this information in full, this will delay and possibly increase the cost of preparation of your return.

    If yes, provide us with all annual certificates. We are required to establish that your PIE investments are being taxed at the correct rate (PIR)

    Property and Rental

    Does the trust receive any income from any of these sources?

    If any of the above apply, contact us for a separate questionnaire.

    Supply a copy of all statements received from rental agents during the year unless they are sent to our office, or recorded in your accounting system. If you record rental in your accounting system, we will still require the 31 March statement from your rental agent.

    Trust Assets

    If any trust assets were bought or sold during the year, even if recorded in your accounting system, we need a list showing each item, the date bought or sold, the full purchase/sale price, and paperwork covering any financing.

    Select options below:

    • OR

    (Contact us if you need assistance with this)

    Offshore assets

    If yes, list on a separate sheet and supply to us

    Inland Revenue activity is increasing in the area of overseas investments and assets. As well as this question, we will also require you to complete a declaration about overseas interests. If you are unsure about any aspect of this, contact us.


    If any new loans of any kind have been taken out during the year, supply details. This will include bank loans, including mortgages, asset finance, and personal finance loans.

    Also, if you are considering taking out any finance in the next 12 months, we strongly recommend you let us know. We may be able to assist you to ensure interest costs on loans are tax-deductible, and also assist with asset and business protection.

    For new loans, list amount, lender, date and also supply the loan documentation.

    Likewise, if you have repaid a loan (for which – well done) supply us with the relevant documentation.

    If you personally, or any family members or close associates, have put significant amounts of money in to the trust this last year, also supply details, both of the amount(s) and of the terms, such as interest charged, repayment terms, security.

    GST – for GST-registered trusts only

    If your GST returns are prepared by the Miller Johnson office, you do not need to complete this section.

    • Supply all GST returns if you have kept a copy. (If you are unable to supply a copy of all GST returns, we are able to print these out, but it will add slightly to the cost, and we have to access your GST on the Inland Revenue website)

    • Provide documentation of all GST adjustments made

    As standard procedure, we reconcile your GST return data to your financial accounts. We will also make recommendations about any issues we identify, and will advise if we think you should consider changing anything to do with your GST. If you do NOT want this service, it is important that you contact us to discuss.

    Transactions which may require apportionment...

    (if yes, supply a separate list)

    (if yes, supply a separate list)

    Home office – if you have a home office set up, you may be entitled to claim a portion of the home expenses. Complete the separate questionnaire OR select this statement:

    (Note we must obtain new figures every 3 years, and if any costs have substantially changed, you may not use this option)


    Is there anything else you wish us to know, or want to say to us? Email or give us a call


    Finally, we need you to make some declarations. These declarations should be made by the contact person named on the front page, or the name of the declarer clearly indicated below.
    If you are unable to state any of the six declarations i.e. they are NOT true or correct, do not select that declaration. We will be in touch.

    1. Payments to Inland Revenue

      If your trust is behind with payment of ANY taxes (income, GST or other), indicate BELOW

      I declare that (select as appropriate)

      • OR

      • The trust has arrears in . and there an arrangement in place to cover this matter.

    Tick the box to allow authorisation to use this information